Caring For Your Alaskan Malamute

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 Ervins Giant

 Alaskan Malamutes

How to care for an alaskan malamute How and  what to Feed your alaskan malamute.
Alaskan malamutes are large dogs and should be fed a good meat base dog food that is high in protein. Puppies ecspecially need the high protein and fat content because they grow so fast.

    I feed my alaskan malamute puppies canned dog food starting at 3 weeks but they are taken off the can once they are able to eat dry dog food around 6 weeks of age.  Canned dog food should not be given to an adult dog on a regular basis because it can cause tooth decay. Dry kibble is best for the longevity of your alskan malamutes teeth.
 How Much to Feed
    Everybody wants to know how much they should feed their alaskan malamute.  In my experience the best way to know is to let your malamute decide.  I keep food out for my Giant alaskan malamutes all the time.  If a puppy or adult dog is raised having food out to eat on a continuous basis then he will learn to eat when he is hungry and also most importantly stop when he is full. Instead of simply gobbling down however much food they are given. This method is much much better for the dogs stomach because the dog or puppy will eat when he needs to eat instead of eating on its owners schedule which can be very inconsistent.  This method will also reduce the risk of their stomachs turning from eating to fast.  So let your dog decide when he needs to eat.

Caring For your alaskan malamte puppy once you get him home.
Once you get your baby alaskan malamute puppy home there are some things that you should remember. 1st of all you must remember that your puppy is just that a puppy and should be treated like a puppy.
    Puppies should be allowed to rest 2 hours for every 1 hour of play for the  first couple of weeks in their new homes.

    Your new alaskan malamute puppy should be allowed to eat whenever possible it is very important that they eat because sugar levels start to drop when not fed on a regular basis. The puppy should be fed the same dog food that the breeder had him on at least for the 1st month. Then you can slowly mix in the food that you want to feed until you have them on your preferred food.

    If your puppy doesn't want to eat the first day you can offer him some alternative foods to ensure that he does eat. Some things to try are canned dog food, table food such as lunch meat, and their personal favorites is boiled chicken livers.  Chicken livers have a strong smell that all alaskan malamutes love and they are also very nutritious and a great way to get a puppy to eat.

Useful tips
If your new puppy doesn't want to eat give him some boiled chicken liver its every malamutes favorite!

    Put flavorless pedialyte out for your puppy for the first few days to prevent dehydration and help maintain blood sugar levels.

    Often times when you get your new alaskan malamute puppy home the puppy will have a case of diarrhea due to stress of a new enviorment and change in diet.  If your puppy takes diarrhea give the pupppy a childrens dose of Pepto Bismol and you can repeat treatment as directed on the bottle.
Grooming your Alaskan Malamute
Everybody wants to know what are the grooming requirements for an alaskan malamute. Alaskan Malamutes shed their coats one to two times a year. The shedding usually lasts around 1 weeks. and once they start shedding they can use some assistance and should be brushed everyday or every other day for that week. A long bristled brush works best for an alaskan malamutes thick wooly coat.  Other than the shedding season brushing once a month will suffice and bathing only as needed.