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 Ervins Giant

 Alaskan Malamutes


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Ervin's Giant Alaskan Malamutes


Gigantic Gus is what everybody wants in an Alaskan Malamute, I can not put into words what an amazing personality this dog has not to mention he is the biggest Alaskan Malamute I have ever seen. This picture was taken of me and him at just 14 months of age!! Gus is now retired and lives happily here with me and all the other dogs.  Gus's lines live on through my other dogs Si, Rasha,, and Rindy. Gus last weighed in at 165 Pounds.


Rowdy is not Rowdy at all he is a very loving Alaskan malamute with a great personality. Rowdy has a lot of Giant Red and White Alaskan Malamutes in his Pedigree and is a great addition to our breeding program. Rowdy weighs in at 135 pounds with 200 pounds of personality.


  Hoss is a very thick Alaskan malamute and is very photogenic  because he is always smiling.  Hoss's father was a Red Alaskan Malamute so he often throws both Black and White and Red and White Alaskan Malamute Puppies that share is thick build and wonderful personality. Hoss weighs in at 135 pounds.

Si was born and raised right here at Ervin's Alaskan Malamutes and is a good example of what an Alaskan malamute should be.  He is a descendent of our Gigantic Gus and  has at least 4 other Red Giant Alaskan Malamutes in his pedigree that will all weigh over 140 pounds. He has an incredible pedigree filled with known Giants. Si weighs in at 145 pounds and is filled with energy.