Shipping is + $350

What is included

*Complete Airfare to most any major airport in the USA.

*A certified Bill of Health from a Licensed Veterinarian

*All shot and vaccination Records.

*Kennel or Crate that the puppy will be sent in

        We sell and ship Alaskan Malamute Puppies to all 50 States
•Alabama: AL •Alaska: AK •Arizona: AZ •Arkansas: AR •California: CA •Colorado: CO  •Connecticut: CT •Delaware: DE•Florida: FL •Georgia: GA •Hawaii: HI •Idaho: ID •Illinois: IL  •Indiana: IN •Iowa: IA •Kansas: KS •Kentucky: KY •Louisiana: LA •Maine: ME •Maryland: MD •Massachusetts: MA •Michigan: MI •Minnesota: MN •Mississippi: MS •Missouri: MO         •Montana: MT •Nebraska: NE •Nevada: NV •New Hampshire: NH •New Jersey: NJ •New Mexico:NM •New York: NY •North Carolina: NC •North Dakota: ND •Ohio: OH •Oklahoma: OK •Oregon: OR  •Pennsylvania: PA •Rhode Island: RI •South Carolina: SC •South Dakota: SD •Tennessee: TN •Texas: TX •Utah: UT •Vermont: VT •Virginia: VA •Washington: WA •West

I Live in Greensburg, Ky. If you are close enough for pick up I would love to meet you in person show you all of my wonderful dogs and introduce you to your next best friend

Too far to Pick up your Alaskan Malamute puppy in Kentucky?

No Problem, shipping is an affordable option to anyone in the United States.

Shipping Your Puppy

Ervins Giant Alaskan Malamutes

 Ervins Giant

 Alaskan Malamutes

 I have had a lot of experience flying puppies to customers and I have never had any problems or difficulties with that.  I have flown alaskan malamute puppies to their new families in almost all fifty states..  I generally fly with American or Delta Airlines.

How It Works
*I will make all reservations to the airport of your choosing.

*I will give you all flight info as to where and when to pick up the puppy along with a Confirmation Number

*All you have to do is show up at the correct time and place with a Photo ID and the Confirmation number and your new Alaskan malamute puppy will be handed over to you for the first time.

*Its really that easy but please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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